Towing Equipment

Sometimes a 1-ton wrecker is all you need, and other times it’s time to haul out the big guns. All of our equipment, big or small, is cared for on the daily by our own in-house mechanics.

Safe Equipment is Our Priority

It’s vital that our customers can trust our equipment when their own fails. All of our equipment is maintained daily by our own in-house mechanics, and our team of operators are all well-versed in taking exceptional care of all equipment, regardless of who owns it. Our equipment is ready. Call us today!

1-ton Wreckers

Light Duty Towing and Roadside Assistance in Grande Prairie

When you think of a tow truck, you’re probably picturing a 1-ton wrecker. Our 1-ton wreckers are light duty units perfect for general towing, recovery and roadside assistance. Highway drivers in commuter cars, minivans, and even 1-ton pickup trucks can rely on our meticulously maintained equipment for their roadside needs!

1- ton Wrecker Services

  • Towing
  • Winching
  • Unlocks
  • Tire Air Ups
  • Gas Deliveries
  • And more!

Tilt Deck Trucks

Single & Tandem Axle Deck Truck Towing in Grande Prairie

For vehicles with low clearance, our ​low angle tilt deck trucks are perfect for the job. Our tandem axle deck trucks are beefier and can handle most of your equipment needs. We are here to ensure your vehicles and equipment get from point A to point B safely and damage-free.

Light Tilt Deck Hauling

  • Muscle / Antique Cars
  • Sleds / Quads
  • Motorcycles

Medium Tilt Deck Hauling

  • Sea-cans
  • Forklifts
  • Oilfield Trucks (Welding Trucks / Picker Trucks)
  • Sheds
  • Propane Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Temporary Facilities
  • Ambulances
  • Skids

50-ton Wreckers

Commercial Vehicle Towing in Grande Prairie

The 50-ton wrecker is the big brother to the 1-ton wrecker. With a higher towing capacity, the 50-ton wrecker is well-suited for commercial vehicle towing and recovery.

Heavy Duty Commercial Towing

  • Semi Trucks
  • Semi Trailers
  • Commercial Coaches
  • Large Buses
  • Large Motorhomes

Tractor with Landoll Trailer

Heavy Duty Tractor Trailer Towing in Grande Prairie

This heavy-duty specialist is primarily responsible for heavy duty loads including equipment, large sea-cans and beyond. The Landoll trailer is similar to a deck truck, but is a tractor trailer unit capable of 55,000lbs and beyond with the proper permitting.

Heavy Tilt Deck ​Landoll​ Trailer Hauling

  • Semi Trucks
  • Graders
  • Rock Trucks
  • 40’ Sea-cans
  • Multiple Vehicles
  • Monster Trucks

Car Hauler

Multiple Vehicle Hauling Across Alberta

Our Sun Country 53 foot car hauler trailer isn’t just a car hauler. Like traditional car haulers, we can fit several commuter vehicles on the trailer, however each set of rams allows the decking to be completely folded down to accommodate larger loads. This capable unit can also tackle highway tractors, motorhomes and even sea cans.

Multi Vehicle and Beyond

  • Up to 5 Commuter Vehicles
  • Highway Tractors
  • Motorhomes
  • Large Buses
  • Sea Cans