Impounded Vehicles

RCMP & Bylaw Seized Vehicles

Harold’s Towing & Recovery is where most motorized vehicles towed by the RCMP and Bylaw within Grande Prairie are taken. Harold’s Towing staff are responsible for the safe storage, release and eventual disposal of unclaimed vehicles. Staff are also responsible for releasing vehicles back to their rightful owners and collecting the payment of all outstanding fees once the vehicle is cleared for release by the seizing member.

If your vehicle appears to have been towed

We advised you to contact our main line at 780-882-2100. This number can be used prior to attending the lot to obtain information on the exact towing and storage fees required to secure the release of a towed vehicle, as well as receive information on additional steps that may be required prior to the vehicle release being granted.

Contact Information

We are located in the far north east side of the City of Grande Prairie. From 100 St just south of the Highway 43 overpass, you will turn east onto 156 Avenue. Follow 156 avenue until you arrive to 91 St. Turn north on 91 St and follow it around to 90 St. Turn north on 90 St and follow it to our office.

Harold’s Towing & Recovery
16001-90 St
Grande Prairie, AB
T8V 2N8

Phone: 780-882-2100
Fax: 780-882-2175

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00am to 5pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
  • Statutory Holidays: Closed
  • Other Holidays: Please Contact
  • Call Outs: Based on availability, subject to call out fee.

I am the owner of an impounded vehicle

If you are the registered owner of the impounded vehicle and you are picking up your vehicle in person, the following requirements are in place to pick up your vehicle. If you are the owner of a vehicle but have not registered it at an Alberta Registry Agent, you must bring proof of ownership such as a fully completed and signed bill of sale.


  • Photo ID
  • OR

  • 3 pieces of government issued non photo ID
  • AND

  • Full payment for the invoice

I want my friend or family member to pick up my vehicle

Sometimes the registered owner may not live in Grande Prairie or works outside of our impound hours of operation. We can accommodate these types of situations but some extra steps are required to release your vehicle. We will need written authorization from the registered owner of the vehicle to allow someone else to pick it up on their behalf. HERE is a sample letter that can be printed to be completed and sent to us.


    You will need to provide

  • A written authorization letter naming your agent
  • A copy of your photo ID
    Your agent will need

  • Photo ID
  • Full payment for the invoice

The impounded vehicle is a rental vehicle

If the vehicle is a rental vehicle, you will need to have the rental company send us an authorization letter on their company letterhead. They will need to name you as being authorized to pick up the vehicle.


    From the Rental Company

  • Authorization letter naming you as being authorized to pick up the vehicle
    You will need to provide

  • Photo ID
  • Full payment for the invoice

The vehicle is registered to a company

When a vehicle is registered to a company, that company must provide written authorization on their letterhead for an employee to pick up the vehicle. In some cases companies may not have a formal letterhead. In these situations, corporate documents such as incorporation papers showing both the company name and the owners name need to be produced accompanied by a copy of the owner’s photo ID.


    For companies with formal letterhead

  • An authorization letter authorizing an employee to pick up the vehicle
  • Named employee must have photo ID
  • Full payment for the invoice
    For companies without formal letterhead

  • Incorporation papers showing company name and owner name
  • Owners photo ID
  • Authorization letter if other than owner picking up vehicle
  • Employees photo ID if other than owner picking up vehicle
  • Full payment for the invoice