Traffic Management Services

Traffic Management Services

Providing roadside services can be a dangerous task. The danger is amplified when performing recoveries along the highway as often this can require multiple pieces of equipment.

Adding extra equipment, personnel and other factors such as icy roadways, poor visibility and darkness can set the scene for secondary incidents. This is why Harold’s Towing & Recovery opened our own Traffic Management Division.

Staff have been trained to Alberta Transportation standards in setting up Temporary Traffic Accommodation Zones and we have developed our own Traffic Accommodation Strategies that align with AT guidelines as well as take into account the unique situations that each vehicle recovery poses.

Our traffic management division offers:

  • Trained and Certified Traffic Accommodation personnel
  • Trained and Certified flag persons
  • Custom Traffic Accommodation Strategies
  • Multiple traffic control vehicles
  • Diverse sign packages for all situations
  • Arrow boards
  • Delineator Devices

Whatever the situation, we will ensure your vehicle or load and the general motoring public along with our staff are kept as safe as possible through the use of traffic management zones.

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Safety First, Always

We closely monitor our in-house and provincial safety standards and actively enforce them—for the safety of our customers and our operators. Our operators all carry first aid certification and H2S Alive in addition to in house safety training and best practice procedures. When it comes to the maintenance of our vehicles, we have in-house mechanics that care for our equipment daily.

Harold’s Towing & Recovery is COR certified, ComplyWorks certified and Avetta compliant. 

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